About Us

Hello and welcome to BSparkle. 

Where to start? We don’t have a marketing department. Nor a team of buyers. And certainly not a board of directors sat in a marble clad head office. There is me… and my family.

My name is Rebecca and I am a self-proclaimed ‘magpie’ when it comes to sparkly things. As a lifelong lover of jewellery, It has been my dream for many years to start a business providing reasonably priced but excellent quality items of jewellery. Because I don’t have to cover the cost of paying a board of directors and their team of executives, I believe I can provide quality jewellery for much cheaper prices than you’ll find on the high street. We deal directly with manufacturers and avoid dealing with middlemen - they just make things more expensive.

Of course I love diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds but, as with most people, my budget rarely stretches to these and so when I am looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery to compliment an outfit, for a special occasion or just to treat myself, I often turn to costume jewellery. I am looking for that affordable price, but I don’t want to scrimp on quality or appearance and so that is why at BSparkle I have carefully selected pieces that I feel reflect this. Believe me, I've spent way too many hours scouring the world for jewellery! You’ll notice we don’t have an extensive selection at the moment because we’ve rejected so many that we either don’t feel they represent good enough value or simply aren’t good enough.

I have worked in many jewellery stores, from award-winning jewellers to high-street brands - so I have an eye for excellent craftmanship, exquisite design and popular styles, both classic and contemporary. My goal at BSparkle is to provide stylish, reasonably priced, silver jewellery that could be mistaken for the ‘real’ thing (I won’t tell if you don’t!). 

Thank you for visiting BSparkle, I hope you find something you love and that I can add a little sparkle to your life!