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Guide to finding the perfect style of ring

Guide to finding the perfect style of ring

When it comes to stone set rings there are many styles, from how the stone is set in the ring to how the stone is cut, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Whether diamond, moissanite or cubic zirconia they can all be cut and set in a variety of ways.

Here at BSparkle all our gemstone rings are set with cubic zirconias making them an affordable choice and we have a broad range of styles to suit every taste. Follow our guide to help you select the perfect ring.

Firstly, lets look at ring styles. From minimalist modern to traditional or vintage there is a design for everyone.


Solitaire  A solitaire ring favours a single stone on a plain or embellished band. The stone is the centre piece of a solitaire ring providing a classic, uncomplicated look.

Solitaire Cut

Shoulder  A shoulder ring will have a row of smaller stones running down either side of the band, enhancing the overall look and sparkle of the ring.

Shoulder Ring

Halo  A Halo ring will feature a centre stone surrounded by a structure of smaller stones. The extra stones add radiance and help to make the centre stone look larger.

Halo Ring

Three stone  Also known as a trilogy ring to represent past, present and future. A timeless design that can be represented in a variety of ways. Although common for all the stones to be the same size and shape, a three stone ring can be composed in a variety of ways.

Three Stone Ring

Cluster  A cluster ring groups stones tight set together to give the illusion of one large stone. Often all the stones will be the same size and shape but can be a mix of both. The stones can be set into a variety of shapes, from classic round to a more unusual shape such as pear or diamond.

Tension  As the name suggests the tension of the band holds the stone in place. Tiny grooves cut into the side of the band tightly grip the stone to keep it secure. This is a bold, modern style of ring and perfect for those who are not keen on a claw setting.

Bezel  Another contemporary choice and like the tension ring perfect for those who prefer a smooth setting without claws. A thin piece of metal the same colour as the band encircles the stone to keep it in place. For an even more modern look the surrounding metal can be a partial circle or a different colour to the band.

Bezel Ring

Vintage  Inspired by antique styles from decades such as Art deco, Edwardian or Victorian a vintage style ring will often feature a delicate metalwork and cut of stone to replicate the designs from a specific era.


Now let us look at the different shapes that stones can be cut. Whether a diamond, cubic zirconia or gemstone such as ruby or sapphire, a stone can be cut into a plethora of shapes. Here we look at the most popular, all of which can be found here at Bsparkle.

Cut and Shape

Round  By far the most popular shape and for good reason. The round shape allows for the greatest brilliance and fire reflected from the many facets cut into it.

Round Cut

Princess This cut of stone has pointed corners and is generally square in shape. Like its name suggests beautiful and elegant with lots of sparkle.

Princess Cut

Emerald  An emerald cut stone is usually an elongated rectangular shape and has cropped corners and steep linear facets. The larger smooth surface of this cut highlights the perfect clarity of a clear stone. A cubic zirconia is perfect for this cut as unlike a diamond a cubic zirconia is always perfectly flawless.

Emerald Cut

Cushion  Cushion cut stones are square cut with rounded corners just like a pillow (hence the name.) The cushion cut traces back to the 19th century when it was a popular choice of cut and still holds a vintage charm in modern times.

Cushion Cut

Oval  Very similar to the round shape in terms of radiance and brightness but has the added appeal of elongating the finger. Ideal for those who like the classic appeal of a solitaire but would like something a bit different.

Oval Cut

We hope this helps to explain the many styles available to you when choosing a ring. We at BSparkle love every cut, style and shape and believe that each has their own unique charm and as all our rings are set with budget friendly cubic zirconia why stop at one particular style when you can rock them all!